The school admin user has access to create manual correction batches in StudentForms. The admin selects the ISIR Corrections option from the Admin menu.

Please Note: If your school has integrations through CLConnect for ISIR corrections, all ISIR corrections are batched daily to the CLConnect ISIR corrections folder on your network. You may need to request access to this folder if you transmit ISIR corrections from StudentForms through EDConnect.  

On the ISIR correction page the view defaults to the latest open aid year. The admin may need to select the appropriate year button.

The admin selects the files for which they want to create the ISIR correction file. The admin may select them individually by clicking the check box next to the student or by selecting the Select All option. 

Once the files have been selected for the correction file, the admin will need to select the Batch and Download Button at the bottom right of the screen.

The file is downloaded onto the user's computer.  The location varies depending on the browser and computer setup.  

After the file has been downloaded, the admin must save the file to the school's network using the naming convention CORRXXIN (xx is the trailing award year, 17-18 would be 18, 18-19 would be 19), and upload the correction file to either EdConnect or TdClient following their normal process for corrections.  

How to send corrections in EDconnect

The admin also has the ability to view and download prior correction files by selecting the View Prior Batches button, on the bottom right of the screen next to the Batch and Download button.

After selecting the View Prior Batches button, the previous batches screen allows the school user to download correction files by using the Download button.