The admin user and FAO user have access to download all of the documents that have been submitted for student accounts in StudentForms for completed or deactivated students. 

  • After logging into StudentForms, the school user is on the Workflow page
  • The school user will have a Document Retrieval workflow tile
  • Click the View All button

Document Retrieval Screen Overview

  1. Switches between Document and Appeal retrieval workflows
    • Documents Retrieval - Documents uploaded into the Verification transaction type/File Review Workflow
    • Appeals Retrieval - Documents uploaded into an Appeal transaction type/Appeal Workflow (SAP, PJ EFC, PJ DO, etc.)
  2. Selecting Show Advanced Filtering expands to allow the user to filter workflows by:
    • Date Ready range
    • First name
    • Last name
    • First downloaded by
    • First downloaded date range
  3. Export button exports list of students in the workflows
  4. Download button to download documents/appeal documents

Downloading Documents

  • On the Document Retrieval screen, select the transaction type to download (Document or Appeal)
  • Click the Download button for the student whose documents are being downloaded
  • A zip file will download with the student’s documents
  • The admin can save the file and upload into their imaging system

Please Note: Once initially downloaded from the Document Retrieval workflow, the student only remains in the workflow for 14 days.  If a school needs to re-download the documents after 14 days, documents may be downloaded individually from within the student's account file review screen.  The school may also contact their CSM for assistance. 

StudentForms also has the ability for the school to retrieve their documents into their imaging system using CLConnect.  Please see CL Connect - SF Document Imaging System Integrations