For school users that login using the StudentForms Secur Login screen, if they attempt to login 5 times unsuccessfully, their account becomes locked and the user receives the message below.

A StudentForms user with admin access has the ability to unlock any user accounts. The school user unlock function is located on the school user page under the Admin menu. If an account is locked a lock icon appears in the locked column of the user’s grid.

Please Note: Only schools that have direct sign on into StudentForms (school uses the StudentForms login screen pictured above) have the ability to unlock accounts.  Schools that have single sign on (school  users login through school portal or school login screen) should never need to unlock accounts. If a school with SSO has a locked account in StudentForms, please have your StudentForms support user create a ticket.

  • Click on the edit icon (blue person)

  • Uncheck the checkbox next to Account is Locked 
  • Save unlocks the account
  • Cancel does not unlock the account 

A success message will appear if the unlock was successful.

If the user has forgotten their password, the admin can use the reset password button on the school user screen or the school user may use the reset password link on the login screen.