The Forgot Password option is for Direct Sign On (DSO) Schools only. DSO schools login from the Secure Login Screen (pictured below) 

Please Note: Single Sign On (SSO) schools, passwords are not created or stored in StudentForms.  If a school user has forgotten their password, they will need to contact the school's IT department for assistance. SSO schools users login first to a school portal or school login screen and then go directly into StudentForms, they do not see the Secure Login screen (pictured below).

For Direct Sign On (DSO) Schools:

A school user can reset their password by selecting the forgot password link on the Secure Login screen.

The school user must enter the email address associated with their StudentForms account. A user with StudentForms Admin access may retrieve the email address for the school user if needed by looking in the School Users screen of the Admin Menu in StudentForms.

If successful, a message appears letting the user know that the request has been submitted.

An email is sent to the email address provided with a link to reset the password.  If the email is not received, check junk or spam folders for the email.  The link in the email may not work if clicked in a junk or spam folder.  School user can either move the email to their inbox or copy and paste the link into their browser.

Please note: The link provided in the email expires if not used within 20 minutes.

A school admin can also reset the school user’s password (DSO users only).  The admin must go to the settings page under the school admin menu.  There is a key icon in the actions column in the user grid.  

  • The school admin selects the key icon next to the user that needs their password reset
  • The school admin selects the Send Reset Email button

Please NoteIf an error message is received when using the forgot password link, this indicates that there may be multiple accounts that use the same email address. A School admin may review the school users and update the email address.  If the error occurs in a testing (sandbox) environment, this may indicate that the school user entered their email address for a test student account.  The email for the test student account must be changed to a different email prior to the reset password link being sent.

If a school user indicates that they are having to reset their password every time they try to log into StudentForms, this indicates that they are not using the correct Username. If this occurs, please use either the forgot username link or have a StudentForms Admin user look up the school user's username in the School Users screen.