When an ISIR correction is downloaded by the school for processing StudentForms places the student's transaction into a processing corrections status.  The school then sends the correction file for processing through either EDConnect or TDClient.  The transaction remains in the processing correction status until a subsequent ISIR has been received and imported into StudentForms.

When a subsequent ISIR is received StudentForms processes the subsequent ISIR and determines if all anticipated corrections were received. StudentForms does the following dependent upon the subsequent ISIR:

  • If all anticipated corrections were received and there were no unexpected changes to the ISIR, the transaction will go into a verified status. 
  • If there are unexpected corrections on the subsequent ISIR, the file will appear in the file review workflow for the school user to review the unexpected corrections.  
    • The school user can determine if additional documentation or action is required by the student and request the new documents and the transaction moves into a re-collecting documents status.  
    • If no action is required, the school user can ignore the unexpected changes and complete the review, the transaction gowa into a verified status. 
  • If additional c codes or verification flags have been generated on the new ISIR, additional tasks are created for the student and the transaction moves to a re-collecting document status.