The following outlines the steps for setting basic configuration of the StudentForms product for your institution. This includes settings for student account creation, ISIR correction processing and settings for the handling of user sessions for staff, students and parents. These settings are available to users with the Admin Role and can be found under Admin>School Settings.

  • Click on the Basic Configuration tile

Account Creation and Management

This section allows you to determine the system behavior when your students create an account for StudentForms and the behavior of the student profile area of the student self-service portal.

  • Enable Student Profile Management - This controls whether a student can access the student profile area. It is recommended that institutions using the SMS/Text feature set this to "On".


A transaction is the set of tasks required to complete a file (e.g. Verification, Dependency Override, SAP Appeal). When a student is completing tasks in student self-service, there is a final step to "Finish" the file. This locks the documents and adds the student's file to the file review workflow. In the Transaction section of Basic Settings a school can choose to automatically click the Finish button for files on the student's behalf after a predefined period of time. 

  • Click "On" to activate automatic completion of a transaction.
    • Please note: The Enable Transaction Auto Complete is separate from Task Auto Completion setting in documents.
  • Enter the number of hours from the completion of the last task that the transaction will be completed. If entering '0' hours, this will cause the file to be completed when the last task is completed. 
Please Note: This setting only clicks the final Finish button after the student has submitted all of their tasks. This setting does not click the submit button on individual tasks.

Enable Subsequent ISIR Queue - When enabled, when a subsequent ISIR is received with unexpected changes go into a separate workflow. When not enabled, subsequent ISIRs with unexpected changes continue to re-open in the file review workflow. This is for transactions in a Verified status for 2019-2020 and beyond.

  • Click Save to update all changes to Basic Configuration settings. 

Please Note: Files only go into the Subsequent ISIR workflow only if the transaction is in a Verified status at the time the subsequent ISIR with unexpected changes is received. If the transaction status is in processing corrections, the file continues to go into Reviewing File status in the File Review workflow.