The following outlines integration settings available to customers within the StudentForms product. Manage these settings to enable event driven communication and access to RESTful web services. 

Click on the Integration tile to open integration settings.

Please Note: If no integration tile exists, your environment has not been enabled for web service integration. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Integration Manager for more information.

The integration tile has several tabs that are used:

  • Event Notifications
  • Credential Management
  • Document Naming
  • Document Mapping
Please Note: The ISIR Batching tab must never be used. Enabling this tab causes issues with your ISIR corrections process

Event Notifications

Configure the endpoint to receive notification posts from StudentForms and subscribe to which business events you wish to be posted. These notifications are generated by actions taken in the system that you may wish to trigger the synchonization of data between multiple systems by calling into the StudentForms services to get updated data.

  • Enable Event Notifications by clicking "ON" 
  • Once enabled, the school may configure their endpoint settings and subscribe to individual business events.
  • Configure endpoint settings by entering:
    • Endpoint URL - The URL for the endpoint you have established on your network to receive HTTP post
    • Username - If your endpoint is secured, provide the username required on the post
    • Password - If your endpoint is secured, provide the password that should be included on the post
  • Click "Test Integration" to send a test post using the settings you have defined. If the endpoint url, username, and password are correct a confirmation response will be returned.
  • Subscriptions:
    • Student Transaction Events - Notifications triggered by actions in the system related to the student's transaction
      • Verification
      • SAP Appeal
      • PJ Dependency Override
      • PJ EFC Recalculation
      • Other Documents
    • User Activity Events - Notifications triggered by user login actions, changes made by users to documents and tasks
    • Communication Events - Notifications triggered by the sending of email and/or SMS communication to students and parents
    • Documents - Notifications triggered by changes to document records
  • For additional information on Event Notifications please review the Event Notifications solution article.
Click Save to save your settings and subscriptions

Credentials Management

Establish credentials for calling the CampusLogic security token service for subsequent API calls to StudentForms. This step is only necessary if your institution makes web service calls to get detailed data after receiving notification. The credentials are used to request a security token from the CampusLogic Secure Token Service. The token is then used on web services calls to authenticate the call.

  • Click the "Add" button to create a new credential
  • Please Note - You may have up to two active sets of API credentials at a time. Use the trash can icon to remove a credential and then add another new record
  • The username and password are automatically assigned and displayed
  • Once you navigate away from the page, the password is no longer shown

Document Naming

Allows the school to define naming conventions for imaging system integration. The school defines document names(titles) used by your imaging system for indexing of documents provided by CampusLogic services. Institutions not using an imaging system do not need to complete this mapping.

  • Click the "Add" button to enter a new document name
  • Enter the document name to match the name of the document in your imaging system
  • If the document is no longer used, click the inactive checkbox instead of deleting
    • Deleting the document name completely removes the value

When finished adding document names, click the save button.

Document Mapping

Allows for mapping of your imaging system document title to the StudentForms document type. This step cannot be completed until you have created your list of document names used by your imaging system. The mapping screen presents the 200+ default documents used by the StudentForms product. 

  • The document types are grouped by non-award year specific documents under "General Documents". 
  • Documents that can be award year specific are listed under each award year. 
  • For a list of document types in the Document Mapping tab click here.
To create a new mapping:
  • Navigate to the appropriate StudentForms document labeled StudentVerification Document Name
  • Click the link in the Your Document Name column - Default is "Not Used"
  • Enter the value from the Document Naming tab that matches your imaging system name
Once all documents a school uses in StudentForms have been mapped, click Save button.