If a school chooses to use the communications from PlatformManager and chooses to use a custom "from" address rather than the noreply@verifymyfafsa.com address, the school will need to update their SPF record in their DNS record to allow PlatformManager to send communications on their behalf.  Updating the SPF record helps prevent the communications sent from PlatformManager from being sent to junk, spam or blocked.  Please follow these instructions to update the school's SPF/DNS record.

Clients that elect to provide a custom from address (noreply@school.edu) should do the following:


  • Ensure that the “FROM” address (ex: noreply@school.edu) actually exists in the school’s email system. This is in case email bounce-backs are handled improperly by the receiving address’ mail transfer agent.
  • The email “FROM” address domain must be owned by the client, or else be noreply@verifymyfafsa.com
  • To ensure deliverability, clients should add a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record to their Domain Name Service (DNS) record(s).
  • If no SPF record exists for the domain, it should be configured similar to*:

“V=spf1 include:verifymyfafsa.com  ~all”

  • If an SPF record exists, the following item should be added*:


*These are just examples, please contact your local IT team before making any changes. Modifying DNS records can have very negative impacts if done incorrectly.