Prior to going live on StudentForms or when processing for a new award year becomes available, a school should complete testing in their sandbox environment to get hands on practice using StudentForms.  It is up to the school to determine how much testing they are going to perform prior to going live or begin processing for the new award year.  

This is also the best way to view all Student Actionable tasks within StudentForms to see the options and documents required.

A test ISIR for each award year is made available to schools for each award year. The test ISIRs contain test students for each of the Student Actionable comment codes and all verification tracking groups.   Please do not import live ISIRs into your sandbox environment, sandboxes may have broader access than your production site.

If the UAT file was not uploaded previously into your testing sandbox, please use the attached files to upload the .txt files into the ISIR import page of your sandbox. Please note: For the .txt files you will need to right click and choose the save link as option. Clicking on the .txt file will not download the file.  

The corresponding excel file has detailed student information for creating student and/or parent accounts.  The school can choose to complete testing/practice for multiple award years or just the current award year.  The UAT ISIR info file may be used for both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 to create test student and/or parent accounts.

Once the school has downloaded or received the UAT ISIR info spreadsheet.

The school user will navigate to their sandbox environment login page.

The school user must also open the excel file corresponding to their UAT test file.  The UAT Info excel spreadsheet provides information about the test cases.  The spreadsheet contains the information required to create an account as a student or parent along with different verification, c codes, reject codes and dependency status.

The school user selects the create account link.

On the create account screen the school user creates a test account for their student from the excel spreadsheet.  If the school user wants to test email and/or text communications they must enter a valid email address and/or phone number.  Otherwise the school user may enter an email or for the required email address.

Please Note: If testing communications, you may want to keep track of the students for whom you entered a valid email and/or phone number and return later to remove from the student account to turn off notifications.

In the confirm student information section, the school user enters the information from the excel spreadsheet that corresponds to their test student.

Once an account is created the school user can complete the tasks as a student.  It is suggested that a school user chooses different options in the student web form sections to see what documents may be required to be uploaded based on options chosen. For additional information on options in taxes section, please click here.

To complete a task click anywhere on the task.  Then follow the steps in this example select the fill out button to complete the web form. Additional steps may be required based on the options chosen in the web forms.

After the school user has completed the student side of the practice, they can log in and view the file as a school user.

Additional information on school user navigation and use of StudentForms can be found here.

Lists of the school actionable comment codes, student actionable comment codes, and the short descriptions of the comment codes are attached.