Please use the onboarding checklist to ensure that the School Admin User has reviewed/updated/edited the school settings in StudentForms and has completed the onboarding process. The checklist has information on settings that may be adjusted by the financial aid office admin users in StudentForms.

School Onboarding Checklist- Jump To:

School Onboarding Checklist

Platform Manager Employee Management

☐      School Users Added

Instructions for Adding School Users


Platform Manager Platform Settings

☐      Require Student ID

☐      Password Settings

☐      User Session Settings

(Logout Redirect URL – If SSO, school will need a Logout Redirect URL that completely logs student out or portal, to prevent access to StudentForms if student does not log out of school portal completely.)

☐      Two-Step Authentication Settings


Instructions for Platform Settings Tile


Admin Menu Basic Settings

☐      Student Email Domain

☐      Student ID settings

☐      Transactions settings

Instructions for Basic Configuration Tile


Platform Communications

☐      Review/Update Notifications/Alerts 

☐      Review/Update Communications Settings Section

☐     If school would like the email to appear is being sent from school, the school will need to update the email from address and their DNS record.

☐      Review/Update Reminder Notification Settings

☐     If the school chooses to use the Task Reminder emails/sms the school must identify frequency and duration of reminders.

☐      Review/Update Notifications

☐      Email Templates Reviewed/Edited (only appears if Notifications are on)

☐      SMS Templates Reviewed/Edited (only appears if Enable SMS is on)

Instructions for Communications Tile



☐      Management Section

☐      Citizenship Documents 

☐      Lifetime Documents Section (only appears if Allow Lifetime Documents is on)

Instructions for Documents Tile



☐      Appeals Section (Enable SAP, PJ and Display Status to Student)

☐      SAP Appeals Settings 

☐      PJ Appeals Settings

☐      PJ Dependency Override Appeals Settings

☐      PJ EFC Recalculation Appeals Settings


Instructions for Appeals Tile


Award Year Dates

☐      School may adjust award year processing dates

Instructions for Award Year Dates Tile


Student Requests

☐      School may make appeals and other documents student requests

Instructions for Student Requests Tile


Hands On Practice

☐      Hands On Practice Completed

Instructions for Hands on Practice


Midyear Onboarding (for schools onboarding in the middle of processing for an award year)

☐      Midyear Onboarding File Created

Information on Midyear Onboarding process

Instructions for Midyear Onboarding File


ISIR Import

☐      YTD ISIR file Requested

Instructions for YTD ISIR Request


SPF/DNS Record

☐      SPF/DNS Record Updated by School

This helps prevent emails from StudentForms from getting blocked by email providers.


Instructions for Updating SPF/DNS Record



☐      Completed Webinar Training Sessions


Go Live

☐      Notified Students to log into StudentForms

Please note: This is for the school admin users to update information in admin-school settings except for the integration tile. Schools with integrations using CL Connect have additional configurations that need to be completed. Please see CL Connect - Integration Checklist for CL Connect integrations.