If the parent is entering their or the student's information  and they are not able to create an account, the school user should check with the student/parent to confirm the following:

1) The parent is entering the information exactly as it appears on the FAFSA. 

  • If the student put any extra spaces in their name, has a suffix on their last name or any special characters these must be entered exactly as they appear on the FAFSA.
  • The parent is not putting dashes in the SSN fields.

2) The student has sent the e-sign request to the parent.

  • The school user can do this by reviewing the student's task in the student view of the student's page. 
  • If the student has requested the e-signature from the parent, the e-sign request step will have text to indicate that the e-signature has been requested.

  • If the student has not requested the e-signature, the step will indicate that the signature request has not been initiated. 

  • Only the parent that the student selects on the e-signature request screen will be able to create an account.  
  • If the parent not selected in the request screen tries to create an account using their information they will receive an error.  
    • The student would need to cancel the original request and send the request to the parent trying to create the account.