If the parent is entering their or the student's information  and they are unable to create an account, the school user should check with the student/parent to confirm the following:

1) The parent is entering the information exactly as it appears on the FAFSA.

  • Check the First and Last names on the FAFSA for extra spaces, special characters, or suffixes. If the FAFSA contains any of these in either the first or last name, they must be entered exactly the same in the create account screen.
  • Check to ensure that the SSN entered for both the student and parent match the information provided on the FAFSA.
    • The SSN should be entered without dashes(hyphens) or spaces. 
    • If the parent is copying and pasting the SSN into the field and is unable to create an account, they may want to type the SSN into the field. 
      • Typing in the SSN instead of copying/pasting helps to avoid copying extra spaces or dashes that should not be entered in the SSN field.

2) Check the student has sent the e-sign request to the parent.

  • The school user should review by going to StudentForms>Searching for student>select Transaction Type from drop down>Student View tab
    • If the student has requested the e-signature from the parent, the e-sign request step has text to indicate that the e-signature has been requested.

  • If the student has not requested the e-signature, the step will indicate that the signature request has not been initiated. 

  • Only the parent that the student selects on the e-signature request screen will be able to create an account.
    • If the parent not selected in the request screen tries to create an account using their information they will receive an error.
    • If they need to send the signature request to the other parent listed they may do so in the edit request button.

  • If the parents both have the same first initial and last name, the student may need to edit the request and send it to the other parent listed.

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