The following list contains the claims we accept from a client’s SSO.  All claims are required unless otherwise noted.

Unique Identifier

Value: This value must be universally unique and not change. This attribute is how students and staff are identified by our systems on login. If this value is not unique, or changes, it will cause problems. There is no specific format requirement.

Given Name

Value: The user's given/first name.


Value: The user's surname/last name.

Student ID

Value: The school or institution’s internal student identifier. This value is used for SIS and Imaging system integrations to identify students when communicating from CampusLogic to the school. This value should be universally unique and unchanging. There is no specific format required for this identifier and can also double as the unique identifer. 

E-Mail Address

Value: The e-mail address that should be used as the student’s preferred e-mail address.  A valid e-mail in the form of should be provided.