After logging in, the user is taken to the Import Files page.  This page has several options for working in AutoReconciliation. 


  1. Home - Redirects the user to the CampusLogic Resources page
  2. Contact Information - Redirects the user to the CampusLogic Resources page 
  3. Import Files - Takes the user to the Import Files screen
  4. Report Results - Allows the user to view reconciliation reports from the past 90 days
  5. Profile - Contains account settings, manage users, and log off options
  6. Reconciliation type selection - Funding Reconciliation, Enrollment Reconciliation
  7. Import files section to perform reconciliation


Clicking the username in the upper right corner displays a dropdown with options for the user.

  • Account Settings - Allows the user to update their name, email or close their account
  • Manage Account Users - Allows the user to add other users to the same OPE ID associated to AutoReconciliation account
  • Log Off - Logs the user out of AutoReconciliation

Manage Account Users 

After the initial user creates an account in AutoReconcilation for an OPE ID, additional users may not create an account using the same OPE ID.  If additional users are required, the initial user must add users to the OPE ID in AutoReconciliation by sending an invite through the Manage Account Users option.

1. Invite a New User - To add additional users to the same OPE ID, enter the email address for the user and click the Send Invite button. The user will receive an email from with a registration link. 

2. User Management - shows all users associated with the OPE ID in AutoReconciliation.  Allows the school user to Disable/Enable users.

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