Changing SAS Options In COD


If the message class on your SAS reports does not match the message classes listed for the required SAS File Format, it may be necessary to update your SAS options in COD. To change your SAS report options log into your school’s COD account.


· Select School from the top menu

· Expand the School Information section on the left menu

· Select Report Selection

In the report selection screen select:

· Program being reconciled in Program drop down

· The award year being reconciled in the Award Year drop down

· Select Modify SAS Options

Once in the SAS Options screen select the following options from the drop downs:

· Report Format -- Fixed Length

· Include Names of Borrowers – No - Option is only available for Fixed Length with Loan Level Detail

· Report Activity Type – Both

· Summary by Loan Type – Yes

· Disbursement Detail -- Yes

· Loan Level – Yes

After all options have been updated, select Update.  The changes should be reflected on your next SAS report delivered to the school’s SAIG mailbox.  

SAS reports are generated the first full weekend of the month for the previous month’s disbursements (I.E. August’s SAS report is generated in September).  Please note: The Loan Level is only available as year to date, AutoReconciliation uses the loan level in its calculations.


Additional information about the SAS reports can be found at:

FSA Training


COD Technical Reference Volume VI Section 8

2020-2021 COD Technical Reference

2021-2022 COD Technical Reference

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