uses the monthly SAS report delivered to your school’s SAIG mailbox during the first full weekend of each month.  The monthly SAS report for the Loan Detail is only available as year to date on the monthly SAS report, AutoReconciliation uses the year to date loan activity information in it's calculations. The reports must be in a fixed-length flat file and have the following message classes:


Direct Loans DSLFYYOP




SAS on Demand reports have a different message class and format from the monthly reports delivered into your SAIG mailbox.

Please Note: Your SAS file cannot have any extra headers or trailers in the file besides the SAS header and footers. If all of your SAIG files go through your student information systems it may add additional headerstrailers that must be removed.

SAS Report Headers appear like the example below:

DL HEADER 0220DSLF18OPAS8G000002018050505063520180505050635

SAS Report Footers appear like the example below:

DL TRAILER02200001393000000000000000

Highlighted below is an example of an extra header and trailer that need to be removed prior to uploading into AutoReconciliation.