The school user uploads a copy of the reconciliation report that they use for reconciliation from the Student Information System. The file format specifications required to use for the Student Information System import reports are listed below. 

Please Note:

  • The column headers (Header 1-6) need to be in the exact order as listed above
  • No duplicate records
  • The date range on your SIS report will need to match the date range on the SAS which is year to date for the loan level detail.  
  • Most recent disbursement transaction if there are multiple adjustments for the same disbursement id #
  • Multiple loans disbursed within the specified date range for the same fund source will be summed by AutoReconciliation
  • Add a date parameter option to ensure SIS report can be pulled to mirror the COD data range of year to date.
  • Determine which award amount field needs to be pulled from SIS
  • One SIS file per fund source (each fund source must be a separate report)
  • Files must be in CSV (Comma Delimited) or Excel format and imported with a .csv, .xlsx or .txt extension
  • The Award Amount column may be labeled differently based on the SIS report used (Packaged Amount, Accepted Amount, etc.)

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