To import your SAS and SIS files into AutoReconciliation select Import Files from the menu bar.

Once on the import files page complete the information by selecting the appropriate response from the drop down menus.

1. Reconciliation Type - Select from dropdown reconciliation type

  • Funding Reconciliation - Use for monthly Title IV reconciliation and year end closeout
  • Enrollment Reconciliation - Use for reconciling NSLDS enrollment reporting

2. Select Award Year, Reconciliation Month and Fund 

3. Select Choose File to upload the COD and SIS files being used for reconciliation

4. Click Upload Files and Reconcile to begin processing


Once the files are uploaded, a message regarding the status of the file upload appears below the buttons. It may take a few minutes to process the files depending on the size of the files uploaded. After the upload process has been completed, the View Report button shows next to the Upload Files and Reconcile button. 

Click the View Report button to be taken to the reconciliation reports page.  This page may also be reached by selecting Report Results from the menu bar. 

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