After AutoReconciliation compares the reports uploaded into the application a report is generated that details the fund type reconciled.  On the reconciliation reports page select the export button next to the report to be viewed.

The requested report is downloaded to the school user’s computer.  Depending on the browser being used how the downloaded file appears will vary.  Select the downloaded file to open, the report is a .csv file and opens in excel.

2Student names will appear on actual school report, names have been removed for documentation purposes.

After the report has been opened, the school user may filter or sort the report to identify any discrepancies found between the SAS and SIS files. Once discrepancies have been identified the school user should research the discrepancies and make any required adjustments in either their SIS or in COD. 


For discrepancies that occur where there is a COD record but no corresponding SIS record, there is a separate section at the bottom of the report. Due to there not being a SIS record the student name and ID do not appear in this section, the identifier is the borrower’s SSN.