Once SMS/text notifications have been turned on in the school’s StudentForms production environment, the student can subscribe to SMS notifications in two sections of the application.


The first place to subscribe to SMS notifications is during account creation. The student enters their phone number in the account creation screen.

The student may also subscribe to SMS notifications after account creation by changing the setting in their profile settings.


  • The student logs into their StudentForms account.
  • The student selects their profile menu.
  • The student selects the settings option.

  • The student selects change phone number to add their phone number to their profile.
  • The student selects the edit button to edit their SMS/Text Subscription.

  • The student changes their options for receiving SMS/Text communications. 
  • The student selects save changes to save their communications preferences.

The student may also update their email subscriptions in the profile settings by selecting the option to change preferred email and then selecting the edit option next to email subscription.

Please Note: If the student has ever replied "stop" to text messaging from StudentForms, changing their text/sms settings will not subscribe them to text messages again.  The student would need to reply "start" to the confirmation of unsubscribe text message that was received.  If the student no longer has the unsubscribe message, a support ticket may be opened, please include the phone number and student's name or ID.