ISIR files must uploaded into StudentForms in the same format that they are received from ED. After the files are pulled in through either EdConnect or TD Client, the files can be uploaded directly to StudentForms. You will want to load all ISIR files/message classes that are received at the institution into StudentForms including:  


Most common message classes







Additional message classes you may receive



XX is the two digit trailing award year, i.e. 2017-2018 would be 18, 2018-2019 would be 19.


It is considered best practice to load files to StudentForms prior to loading into the SIS. This ensures that when notifications are sent by the institution to students about verification/C Code requirements, the student's ISIR is available in the application.


Some institutions do choose to concatenate their ISIR files into one file for import into both the SIS and StudentForms. If this is the option that you choose there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  •       Format of the ISIR records must be exactly as it is in the files delivered by ED
  •       There cannot be any blank lines in the file
  •       The file should not contain any header or footers between ISIR records
  •       Each file should contain only 1 aid year, so if you are receiving ISIRS for 2 years (17-18 and 18-19) you will create two files for use in StudentForms