The student may add pages to an already uploaded document at any time prior to the student selecting the finish button.  At the time of original document upload the student may select the add pages button in the document preview screen.

After a student has uploaded a document, the student may add additional pages from the task screen by selecting the add pages button.

If the student has submitted a task, they can open the task again to upload additional pages by selecting the edit button. The add pages button is enabled after they select the edit button. 

After the student has selected the finish button they are unable to add pages to an already uploaded document unless the school rejects the document as incomplete.

If the school receives a document that is missing pages, the document may be sent back to the student to add additional pages to the uploaded document instead of having the student upload the entire document again.  To do this the school user selects "The document is incomplete (requires additional pages) from the reject reason drop down.

The school user is required to enter a comment in the comment box that gives instructions for the student on completing the rejected document task.  Once the school user rejects the document with the reason the document is incomplete, this allows the student to add pages to the previously uploaded document rather than requiring the student to upload the entire document again.