Currently, there is not an option to remove a student from StudentForms once their ISIR has been imported into the application. 

If a student withdraws or notifies the school that they will not be attending the institution and they have created an account, the school user may deactivate the student in StudentForms.  Once the account is deactivated, the student is not able to log into StudentForms and receives a message to contact the financial aid office. The student is also removed from all workflows. 

The deactivate option is located on the student's account page in StudentForms. 

Please note: If the school re-enrolls at the institution, the school may re-activate the student's account by selecting the Activate Button (replaces the deactivate button once an account is deactivated).

  • The student must have an account created for the Deactivate button to be enabled. 
  • If the student has not created an account no further action is required as the student will not receive any notifications from StudentForms or appear in the workflows unless an account is created at a later date. 
  • Account deactivation is on an individual basis, there is not an option to bulk deactivate a group of students. 

If the school does not want to deactivate a student's account or has a group of students that will not be attending, the school may expire transactions in bulk via an import file. Expiring a transaction is done separately for each active award year when an ISIR was imported into StudentForms. Once a transaction has been expired and the student either creates an account or logs into StudentForms, the student will not have any tasks to complete for the expired transaction(s). 

Instructions for creating a file for expiring transactions can be found here. The school may un-expire a transaction if it determines later a student needs to complete the tasks.

If the school chooses  to not deactivate a student account and  not expire the student's transaction(s) for each award year(s) an ISIR was imported into StudentForms the following may occur:

  • If the student has created their account, the student would continue to receive communications from StudentForms. The student will also continue to appear in any workflows where they have completed tasks.
  • If the student has not created their account, they should not receive communications from StudentForms as long as they never create an account.
  • If the student creates an account at a later time, they will receive applicable tasks for open award years and receive communications from StudentForms.