If the student chooses an option on their household form that indicates that the student and/or their parents will log back into the FAFSA and use the IRS DRT,  they are presented with a log into FAFSA step. The student is not able to progress past the log into FAFSA step until they or their parents successfully use the IRS DRT tool and a subsequent ISIR is received with an IRS DRT code of 02.  

The student can select the Log Into FAFSA link to get directed to the FAFSA.  If the student and/or parent successfully imports their IRS tax information into their FAFSA, once the subsequent ISIR is loaded into the system the step will be removed and the student can submit their form.

Note: The school must upload the subsequent ISIR with the IRS DRT 02 code into StudentForms.

If the student and/or parent is unable to use the IRS DRT the student must go back into the household form and choose a different option on how they will provide their IRS transcripts to the school.  Once they correct and sign their household form, the log into FAFSA step will be replaced by the appropriate document upload steps.