Please Note: If you are a student or parent user, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid at the institution the student attends for assistance. These articles are for school use only, they are not intended for student or parent use/help.

When creating an account for StudentForms, a parent user is required to provide their email address.  The parent receives an email containing a link to verify their email address.  Once the parent has verified their email address, they can use the forgot username or forgot password links on the login screen.

After providing an email address, the parent is presented with a success message and receives an email to the email address they provided.

The forgot username link sends an email containing the parent's username.
The forgot password link sends an email with a link for the parent to reset their password.

Please note: The parent must have verified their email after their account was created to be able to use the forgot username and forgot password links.

If the parent has not verified their email address they will receive a message to contact the financial aid office.

The school user searches for the student associated with the parent account. On the student's account page there is a parent account information section.  The school user selects the view button.

Once in the parent profile screen, the school user can select the verify button to send the verify email communication to the parent.  If no email is provided, the school user must enter an email address prior to using the verify button.  

Please Note: Student and parent email addresses cannot be the same.

After the parent verifies their email address, they can use the links on the login page.

Please note: If the parent user has the same email address associated to more than one parent account i.e. parent has two students at the same school and must create a separate parent account for each student, they receive the following message:

The school user would need to update the parent email address for one of the student accounts to a different email address to receive the reset password link.

In some instances, a parent indicates that they are having to reset their password each time they access their StudentForms account. This indicates that the parent is using the wrong username to access StudentForms. The school should direct the parent to use the forgot username link to retrieve their username and verify that they are entering the username correctly into the login screen.