Professional judgment appeals can be requested through the system for students wishing to appeal their dependency status and/or their estimated family contribution (EFC) by school users with appropriate permissions from the Account screen. 

The following steps assume that your institution has enabled professional judgment transactions and has configured the appropriate settings and communications for managing professional judgment (PJ). As of April 2015 the professional judgment functionality is in a beta release and not available to all customers. If your institution is interested in participating the beta evaluation process please contact your Client Services representative for more information. 

  • Navigate to the Account page or search directly for the student from the search bar and navigate to the student's record. 
  • Click on Request PJ from the action list on the left of the screen. 

  • Select the appropriate Award Year for the request. The student have an ISIR record for the selected award year in order to have a PJ transaction.

If the student is a dependent student two questions will be presented. Independent students will only have the option for financial change.
  • Select all the apply to the student. 

- Does this appeal involve a dependency override?

- Does this appeal involve a financial change?


  • A tracking group will default for each question based on the award year and PJ type. This value is displayed to the student but can be changed to match your institution's convention for tracking professional judgement requests. 
  • For each question  select all appropriate special circumstances supporting the request. These will be presented to the student during completion of the appeal form.

Please Note: The list of special circumstances is a configurable option and your institution's values may vary. 

  • Click Complete to create the PJ request.