Users with the appropriate permissions will have a separate workflow queue for Appeals that will include professional judgment (PJ) appeals for dependency status override and changes to estimated family contribution (EFC). The submitted request with special circumstances, the student's statement and supporting documentation can be reviewed. You can then make any necessary ISIR corrections and then enter the outcome (Approved, Denied) for the appeal. 

Please Note: As of April 2015 the professional judgment functionality is in beta release to participating institutions and may not be available in your environment. If your institution is interested in participating in the beta release please contact your Client Services Representative for more information. 


  • From the Appeal Review tile either click Get Next Appeal. The oldest appeal needing to be reviewed will be returned. The category filter can also be used to specify the type of PJ appeal - dependency override or EFC change. This filter is also applied if the View All option is selected. 

Review Documents

  • Each document must be reviewed and accepted before the appeal can be accepted. Click on each document and review as appropriate.
  • Documents can also be deleted as appropriate by selecting the document and click the Delete Documents button.
  • If appropriate an additional document request can be made as part of the transaction by clicking on the Request Information button. A list of available document types will be presented. Each one selected will create a new upload task for the student. Depending on your institution's configuration.

Make ISIR Corrections

  • Use the section drop down or the Previous Section/Next Section to navigate the ISIR to fields that need to be updated based on the appeal. 
  • To make changes double click in the Document Value column to make changes. Then click either the checkmark to save or the clear icon to clear unsaved changes:

Set Outcome

The outcome of the appeal depends on the reviewer's evaluation of the appeal. Users can Approve, Deny or Rescind appeals. Rescind is used when a student wishes to no longer continue with the appeal process. All of the outcome options will require the user to enter supporting comments and allow an Administrator to override and change the outcome if necessary. 

  • Click Approve, Deny or Rescind. The comment box will then be presented.

  • Enter supporting comments and click Approve, Deny or Rescind button to submit.