Students who seek an appeal for their dependency status or a change to their estimated family contribution (EFC) can submit the supporting documentation for the appeal via StudentForms. The following outlines what the student sees and how documentation is provided. It assumes that the institution has already configured the appeal and communication settings in the product. Within StudentForms, there are several ways for an appeal to be added to the student's task list.

  1. School may allow the student to request their own appeals
  2. School may select a student individually for an appeal 
    1. Professional Judgments are always added on an individual basis
  3. School Admin may add SAP Appeals, Verification, Other Documents through bulk action.

Student Requests

The school may choose to allow a student to request their own appeals through the student request setting in the Admin Menu-School Settings-Student Requests. The request button appears on the student's task page above their tasks.

Only the appeals that the school allows the student to self request are available for the student to request. Other documents may also be added to the student request options.

  • The student selects the + to add the request
  • The student enters a reason for the request
  • The student selects the submit button

School User Adds Request

If the school requires that the student must first contact the Financial Aid Office for advising and to request the appeal which is requested by the financial aid staff with Admin, SAP User or PJ User access. 

The school user searches for the student in StudentForms. On the student's account page, they select the appear from the available options on the left of the screen.

School Admin users may also add SAP appeals through bulk action. For more information on these requests, please see Bulk Action - Creating New Action

Student Task View

Students who have requested an appeal for professional judgment see additional tabs in the student portal for Dependency Appeal and/or Family Contribution Appeal for the specified award year in addition to tabs for verification. Based on the institution's configuration the student may be required to complete tasks based on the following order:

  • Dependency Override before Verification
  • Verification before EFC Appeal

A notification bar is present, when the student must complete tasks (transaction types) in a specific order. 

  • Requiring the dependency override prior to verification - ensures that if a student's dependency status changes from dependent to independent that they are not providing two verification web forms, one for dependent and one for independent which may cause conflicting information. 
  • Requiring Verification to be complete prior to a PJ for EFC Recalculation as part of requirements in  AVG-79 and AVG-112. Please see the Application and Verification Guide on the IFAP website for more information.

Students then begin the process by selecting the appeal task and then clicking on the Fill Out button for the appeal web form. 

After reading instructions that are customized by your institution the student clicks Continue. 

The student is then asked to confirm basic demographic information and click Continue.

For each PJ Appeal type there is are specified special circumstances as configured by the institution. 
  • If the PJ request is made by the instituion, the student is presented with the prepopulated reason, the student has the option to update those special circumstances and then clicks Continue.
  • If the PJ request is initiated by the student, the student selects the reason(s) for the request and then clicks Continue

The student is then required to enter a personal statement detailing the reason for the appeal per the instructions in the form that can be customized by the institution. After entering the personal statement, the student is required to check the box that they will provide supporting 3rd party documentation before they are allowed to continue to the review and sign screen.

The system then presents the appeal in its entirety for the student to review and e-sign using their password if the institution is using direct sign-on (DSO) or using their pin if the institution is using single sign-on with a student portal or institution website.  The student has the option to opt out of e-sign, download, print and sign the form.

The student is then required to upload supporting documentation for the appeal. Once all tasks are completed the student can click Submit and Finish to finalize the appeal file and submit it for review. 

Based upon your institution's configuration the student may receive email or text confirmation, follow up on outstanding documents and notification of the outcome of the appeal. 

After approval of the appeal and receipt of an updated ISIR the system will activate the tabs for any subsequent transactions for the student.