Once the school selects the student to complete the SAP appeal, if the student has an account and the school has their communications turned on, the student will receive a notification of a new task. The student logs into their StudentForms account.  The student will see a tab for the SAP appeal with a task indicator indicating that there is a task for the student to complete.

After the student selects the tab for the SAP appeal, there is a task for the student to complete.  The student clicks anywhere on the task to open the task.

The student selects the Fill Out button to complete the SAP appeal web form.  

The student is required to enter a signed statement that provides the information that is requested in the instructions.  The student must also check the box that they will provide third party documentation.  Once they complete all parts of the web form they are able to e-sign the document.

After the student e-signs or opts out of e-sign and uploads the form, the student is required to upload 3rd party documentation to support their signed statement.

After the student has completed the web form and uploaded 3rd party documentation, the student can submit their SAP appeal task and then click the finish button once all tasks are completed.