After a file review is completed in StudentVerification, if a subsequent ISIR is received, StudentVerification checks for the following on the subsequent ISIR:

  • Changes in the ISIR fields associated with verification or c code resolution
  • Changes in the IRS DRT code from an 02 DRT code to any other DRT code 
  • Checks for new comment codes that require the student to complete a new task

In the file review section of the student's transaction page there is a notification displayed that unexpected changes have been made.  There is also an indicator next to the ISIR field(s) that were changed.

The school user should check to see if the changes require additional information from the student or require additional ISIR corrections.  

The unexpected changes indicator will remain on the student's file review until the school completes the review again.  

Please note: A subsequent ISIR received updating the ISIR values of the fields, marked as unexpected changes, to the expected values does not automatically remove the indicators.  The school is still required to review the ISIR fields marked with unexpected changes and complete review.

In some instances if the income information changes for the student and/or parent and the document type is no documentation provided, this indicates that the student and/or parent may have updated information that was imported using the IRS DRT.  This would change the IRS DRT code from 02 to another IRS DRT Code, in this case since the original ISIR used in the verification process had an 02 code for the IRS DRT, no tax documentation was collected from the student in StudentVerification.

Please note: If the IRS DRT code changes from an 02 code to any other IRS DRT code the school user may need to request tax documentation from the student/parent or reject the household form to have the student complete the taxes sections of the household form.

If no additional documentation or tasks need to be requested from the student, the school user can ignore the changed ISIR fields and complete the review.

Please note:  When a subsequent ISIR is received marked with unexpected changes, any statuses that were manually chosen by the school (blank status) for ISIR fields that are contained on multiple documents, require the school to choose the status again.