Generic Documents 

Institutions that wish to request a document type from a student not list or an institution specific form may select from multiple generic document types and use the instructions to explain to the student the type of document or form to be uploaded. This can be done from the student page under each transaction type by clicking on the Request Information button. The document types are Financial Aid 1- 4.

  • Search for a student and then select the Transaction Type (Verification, Professional Judgment, SAP) from the Transaction Type drop down. 

  • Click on the Request Information button on the File Review tab for a list of document types. 

  • Select one of the Financial Aid generic document types and click Add Request.

You can filter the list by entering "Financial" and clicking the search icon or pressing enter. The table can also be sorted by clicking on the Document Type column header. 

  • Enter instructions that will be presented to the student as to what the document is and possible where to find the form if applicable. 
  • Click Save & Close

A new task will be assigned to the student and if your institution has the new task notification email and/or SMS notifications configured the student will receive a notification to log into self-service and provide the document.