View Event Notification Logs

Customers who are using the event notifications to integrate their SIS and/imaging system with StudentVerification can view logs of what messages were broadcast and the status of the messages. If necessary, a message can be manually resent. The logs are available to users with the Admin role when integrations are activated by navigating to Admin>School Settings>Integration

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Integration Setup

  • Click on the Integration tile to access logs.

Please Note: If the integration tile is not present your institution has not been activated for access to event notifications and API access. Please contact your client services representative if you would like access. 

  • Click View Log button to access searchable logs. 

The grid results will default to the last 7 days of logs filtered for failed messages only.  You can choose to filter by any or all of the following options. Please note that date filters and resulting dates and times are based on UTC  time not your current timezone.  For a conversion to your timezone  please see UTC Converter

Available Filters 

  • Start Date and End Date - Defaults to last 7 days of logs but can be expanded. The dates are inclusive. 
  • Status - Sent, Failed or All. Sent messages are assumed to be processing successfully. Failed message did not get processed. 
  • Notification Type - Filters results to a specific subscribed notification.
  • Transaction Type - Filters by the type of transaction the message relates to (i.e. verification, professional judgment, or SAP Appeals)
  • School Student ID - Will filter by the student id from your institution's SIS. Please note that schools not using SSO to pass student id may experience inconsistent results from this filter. 
  • Student ID - Filters by CampusLogic internal ID for the student record.
  • User ID - Filters by the ID of the user who took the action that generated the event. 
  • Transaction ID - Filters by the transaction ID associated with the notification
  • Document ID - Filters by the unique ID for the document associated with the notification (document related notifications only)
  • Additional Info ID - Filters by the unique ID created by requesting additional information for a student

  • Click Search to apply filters or Reset to clear results. 

Results Table

Logging of each system notification sent from StudentVerification will be listed according to the filters. Columns can be re-sized to see more information and the complete json can be retrieved. 

  • Review items with a failed status and consider the following troubleshooting checklist:
    • Confirm that your institution's endpoint is up and running
    • Confirm that credentials have not been changed
    • Retest the integration on the integration page using the test button
    • Confirm that your institution is still subscribed to the events on the integration page
    • Review your institution's logs to confirm messages are being processed and the last date and time messages of each type 
  • Once the source of the failure has been determined and the test successfully passes, click the resend icon on each failed message to republish the message and allow for synchronization with your systems.