The tasks list for students shows visually the status of tasks and steps within tasks in the following ways:

Completed Task

White check mark when student has completed all steps within a tasks and clicked the submit button. 

Rejected Task

If the school rejects a document back to the student, the task is re-opened on the student side and has an indicator for the student to review. The notes typed in when the school user rejected the document are displayed to the student. the step indicator also goes back to indicate that it has not been completed.

Step has not been completed

The red circle next to a step indicates that the step has not been completed. The student would need to follow the instructions for how to complete the task.

Completed Sub-task

The green circle with the check mark indicates that the step has been completed by the student. Once all steps have been completed within a task, the student may submit the task to the school by selecting the submit button.

The student may add pages to a document upload or edit a task as long as they have not clicked the final finish button. Once the finish button has been clicked, the student is prevent from making any other changes.