By default the school specific URL that appears in the email communications is not a link.  Some email providers automatically make the URL a link.  To make the link appear for all email providers the school administrator must edit their email templates and add a link.

Navigate to AdminSchool SettingsCommunications

Select the email template to be edited.

Once in the communication template editor screen, select and copy {{Client Host Name}}.{{Client Domain Name}} or {{ClientURL}}. For the parent signature request template you would select {{ClientHostName-ParentPortalCreateAccount}}.  Making sure that the merge fields remain highlighted.

Select the link icon

Select Insert Link

In the insert link screen:

For the URL enter https://{{Client Host Name}}.{{Client Domain Name}} or https://{{client url}}

For the parent signature request enter https://{{ClientHostName-ParentPortalCreateAccount}}

The Text should pre-populate if the text was still selected. 

If you would like StudentForms to open in a new tab, check the Open in new tab box. 

Once both fields are filled out select the insert button.

After all edits have been made to the email template select save.