After the school has notified the student to log into StudentForms and the student navigates to their school specific URL, they are at the login page (pictured below for DSO schools).

For Direct Sign on Schools (Students create their own username and password):

  • If the student has already created an account in StudentForms, they can use their username and password.  
  • If the student has verified their email but forgotten their username or password, they can use the links provided.  
  • A student who does not have an account for StudentForms will need to create an account by selecting the create account link.
    • On the create account screen, the student creates an account exactly as they do when using a computer for accessing StudentForms.

For Single Sign on Schools (Students login to their school portal and then get directed to StudentForms):

  • If the student has already confirmed their student information, they are taken directly to the student's task page.  
  • The first time the student navigates to StudentForms, they will need to confirm their student information.

Please see Student - Login and Create Account for more information on how students create an account.

After the student has logged into StudentForms, they will be taken to their task page.

The student has the same options as when they are using a computer.

  1. Menu contains profile settings, account activity and logout options
  2. Award year and transaction tabs the student has been selected to complete with tasks remaining indicators
  3. Tasks

To complete a task the student would select anywhere on the task.

The student completes steps within a task the same as when completing the tasks on a computer.  To complete the web form they would select the fill out button. 

Depending on the size of the device it may be easier to navigate in landscape over portrait.

If the student needs to add information to a grid they select the add button, otherwise they can select the continue button if no additions need to be made. Selecting the add button will open the grid to add information to the form.

The student is required to enter all of the information in the screen.  Once all required information is entered the done button is enabled.  The student selects done to save the information to the form.

The student may also be required to answer questions or choose options from a drop down menu.  Based on the options chosen additional information may be required.

After all sections of the web form are complete, the student is taken to the review and sign screen. If everything looks correct the student can e-sign the form using their StudentForms password (DSO) or pin (SSO). Student may also choose to opt out of e-sign.

The first time that the student e-signs a webform, they are presented the consent to use electronic signature, they may choose to accept (e-sign) or cancel and opt out of e-sign.

After the student has e-signed their webform or chosen to download, print and sign (opt out of e-sign) their form, they will be taken back to their task page.

If the student is required to upload additional documentation, they can select the upload button to upload a document from their mobile device.

Depending on the mobile device used the upload action may be different.  In the screen shots below, the first screenshot is from an Android device. The second screen shot is from an Apple device.

 Android device

Apple Device

Please Note: If the student is using a mobile network (mobile data) to upload a document this increases the upload time and may time out.  If the student receives an unexpected error message when uploading have them try uploading when they are connected to wi-fi. 

After selecting the document to upload, the student is present with a document preview screen.  The entire document will not be visible in the document preview screen, the student will need to move the image around to see the entire image.

If the document is acceptable, the student can select the use button to save their document.  They will then be asked if they have additional pages to upload. They can select to add additional pages or no to return to their task page.

Please Note: If the student does not see the use/discard buttons this indicates that they are using an unsupported browser.  Please see the following article:

Why is the student unable to upload documents using a mobile device?

After the student has uploaded all of the required documents for the task, the submit button is enabled. After the student selects submit the documents are sent to the school.  The student is able to edit their tasks prior to the student selecting the finish button.  Once they select the finish button they are no longer be able to edit their tasks.