A school can determine if they would like to allow their students to upload copies of citizenship or immigration documents in StudentForms.  If the school chooses to allow their students to upload citizenship or immigration documents, the school will need to update their settings. Instructions for updating the settings can be found here

For more information on how each of the Citizenship Documents Settings changes the task options for the students, please see Citizenship Status C Codes.

View the DCL from May 2015 allowing students to scan, photocopy or image and provide a school electronic versions of eligible noncitizen and immigration documents here.

In StudentForms, the school may give the student the options of:

  1. Allow Upload of Citizenship Status Documentation (main switch, must be enabled to enable option 2 or option 3) - Allows all citizenship documentation to be uploaded by the student
  2. Only Allow Document Upload if U.S. Citizen - Only U.S. citizenship documentation may be uploaded, all eligible non-citizen documentation must be presented in person and uploaded by the school. 
  3. Request Documentation in Person - Has option first to provide in person and then upload if not able to appear in person
  4. Turning off all Citizenship Document settings would make all citizenship c code tasks school actionable to be handled outside of StudentForms

If the school chooses options 1 or 3 the student is able to upload their citizenship documentation in StudentForms. This will require an affidavit to be completed, a valid government photo ID to be provided and their proof of citizenship to be provided.

If the school chooses to request the student first to bring the document in person, the student would select the option that applies in the dropdown.

If they choose that they are unable to deliver their documentation in person or only option 1 is chosen for the citizenship documents, the student see the steps below.

To complete the affidavit the student selects the fill out button.

The affidavit is a webform and follows the same format as other webforms in StudentForms.  The student can choose the different sections on the left side or by selecting the continue button.  The student must complete each section before they can review and e-sign the form.

The citizenship documentation section of the webform requires the student to provide the following:

  • Name of Valid Photo ID i.e. driver's license
  • Expiration date of valid photo ID
  • Issuing authority of valid photo ID i.e. state
  • Complete the citizenship documentation grid

To add a citizenship document to the grid, the student selects Add Document.

In the add document screen the student must enter the citizenship document that they are providing and a date if the document has an expiration date.

Once the document and expiration date have been entered, the student selects done to add the document to the grid.

After the student has finished entering all of the required information in the citizenship documentation section of the webform they can review and sign their form.

The student can enter their password/pin to e-sign their form.  The student always has the option to opt out of e-sign, download, print, sign and then upload the form. After the student e-signs the form or opts out of e-sign and downloads the form, they are taken back to their task list.  The student is then required to upload their valid photo ID, select an the type of citizenship documentation being uploaded, and then upload their citizenship documentation.

After the student has finished uploading their documentation, the submit button becomes enabled.  The student may then submit the task to the school.

For a school that chooses option 2, the task appears like the task below only for c codes 141, 142, and 146. The other c codes 046, 105, 109, and 144 do not present a task to the student and appear in the actionable c codes column on the ISIR import screen only. The school would need to follow up with the students with c codes 046, 105, 109, and 144 outside of StudentForms.

Selecting I am a U.S. Citizen adds a step for the student to indicate the type of document they are uploading and then upload the document. Once the document has been uploaded, the submit button is enabled and the student may submit the document to the school for review.

Selecting I am an Eligible Noncitizen a message that they need to provide their documentation to their school for review and the school will upload on their behalf.

If the school chooses option 4 to turn off all Citizenship documentation setting in StudentForms, the student does not receive a task for any citizenship status c codes. The school would need to keep track of these students outside of student forms or develop a custom task with their CSM,