Student Account and Transaction Status Header Information

The student account and transaction status header on the student account screen provides useful information for understanding where the student is in the process of creating an account in the system and what actions the student has or has not taken. 

  • Search for a student from the search bar and navigate to the student account page. The upper right hand corner of the header contains information related to:

1.  Account Creation - If the student has not created a login to the system this will be noted online one of the header. If the student has created an account no text will be displayed.

2.  Transactions - If no transaction (Verification, SAP, or PJ)  has been created for any award year for the student this will be noted on line 2. If there is a transaction, you can select the transaction type from the drop down that will be displayed and navigate to the details of that transaction. 

3.  Available ISIRs - Select from the list of valid ISIRs by award year that have been loaded in the system for the student. This will  to open the ISIR record in PDF.

4. Comment Codes - Select this option to view student actionable comment codes for a selected award year. Please note that the tasks for these codes are not generated for the student until she logs in to the system.  

The comment codes that will create tasks for the student will be displayed along with the verification group.  The transaction and related task for these will not be added to the student's self-service task list until the student logs in. 

If a student has created an account and has a transaction with tasks already created, you will see the simplified options to select either a transaction for details or to view all valid ISIRs for the student.