Midyear Onboarding - Verification, c code, and reject code review completed externally from StudentForms

When a school implements StudentForms after they have already started processing verification/c code/reject code resolution for the award year outside of StudentForms, the students where verification, c code, or reject code resolution has been completed, need to be identified and marked as verified/complete externally in StudentForms. This prevents the student from receiving tasks that they have completed previously when logging into StudentForms.

The school must identify students for whom they have already completed(resolved) verification, c codes, and reject codes externally from StudentForms. Once a list of students is identified, the school should provide StudentForms with the list of students in CSV format. To provide the file to CampusLogic, you may upload your file through PlatformManager Secure File Transfer on the General screen.

Please Note: In StudentForms both verification and student actionable comment codes(includes c codes and reject codes) appear under the transaction type verification. When creating your midyear onboarding file, you should only include students where everything has been completed both verification and student actionable comment codes. The students in the midyear onboarding list should only be students where no further action/documentation is required for the award year prior to awarding/packaging the student. 

If a student is selected for verification and has student actionable comment codes and is only partially completed, they should not be included on the midyear onboarding file unless you will continue to complete their verification and/or student actionable comment code resolution outside of StudentForms. 

Please Note: If a school lists a student on the midyear onboarding file in error, the school will not be able to open the verification transaction for that student in StudentForms for the award year that was marked as verified outside of StudentForms.  The school would need to create a ticket to have the award year re-opened for the student.

  • The file must be a CSV file format
  • The file must contain a header with the exact values provided in the header column
  • The list of students must include the following information in the exact format(if provided) below:

Column HeaderDescriptionFormatData TypeMax LengthExample Value
AwardYear - Last digit of trailing year i.e. 2019-2020 is 0, 2020-2021 is 1, 2021-2022 is 2
- Full 4 digit award years i.e. 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022
- Trailing 4 digit award year i.e. 2019-2020 is 2020, 2020-2021 is 2021, 2021-2022 is 2022




StudentIDThe school's student ID (May be blank, but the column is required)
DateOfBirthDate of birth; format must be followed exactly as shown.

- 12/31/1998
- 12-31-1998
- 12/31/98
- 12-31-98
FirstNameStudent's first name
LastNameStudent's last name
TransactionNumberISIR transaction number only; value must be between 1 and 99
ISIR transaction that is to be marked as verified
##integer2 digits02
 SSN Student's SSN #########
 integer9 digits 123456789

**If creating list in excel and converting to CSV format, please make sure that Transaction number and SSN columns do not automatically delete leading zeros. Excel may be formatted to leave leading zeros by highlighting column, right-clicking (or selecting Format from ToolBar), selecting Format Cells, selecting Custom and entering the required number of zeros for the column. i.e. transaction number would be 00, ssn would be 000000000

Please Note: Each field must be in a separate column. 

Once the school has identified students who have completed both verification and have resolved student actionable comment codes (if both exist on the same student) externally and created the CSV report.  The school may upload the CSV report to PlatformManager Secure File Transfer. The school will also need to import their year to date ISIR file into StudentForms prior to the midyear onboarding file being processed.

Your CSM will confirm the information contained in the file prior to processing to ensure accuracy.  

StudentForms will upload the CSV Report into the school's production environment and mark the students on the report as being verified externally.

Midyear Onboarding Students partially completed outside of StudentForms

The school must determine how they will complete review for students who have begun the verification,  c code, and reject code resolution process outside of StudentForms but have not yet completed verification, c code, and reject code resolution.

  • The school may choose to allow these students to complete verification, c code, and reject code resolution externally.  If they choose to complete verification, c code and reject code resolution externally from StudentForms, the school may want to include these on their Midyear Onboarding File to be marked as verified/complete. It is the responsibility of the school to follow up and complete verification, c code, and reject code resolution externally from StudentForms. 

  • The school may also choose to notify students that if verification, c code, and reject code resolution is not completed by a specified date, they will be required to complete verification, c code, and reject code resolution through StudentForms regardless of where they are within the process.

  • The school may also choose to finish collecting the remaining documentation in StudentForms by marking the documents already collected externally from StudentForms as complete and place a generic message in the task for the student that the document has already been collected. For more information on this process please see Document Imports.

Import Year To Date ISIR File

Prior to the Midyear Onboarding file being processed, the school must upload their year to date ISIR file. Once the midyear onboarding file is processed, if any records failed to process the list will be provided to the school for review and to correct if needed.

Note: When requesting a year to date ISIR file, do not enter numerical values first in the "Request title" field, this will cause an invalid file error when importing the YTD file.  If you want to include the award year in the Request title, you must enter numerical values after a letter, i.e. YTD 2019-2020.

After the midyear onboarding file is processed, some students may appear in the file review workflow, subsequent ISIR workflow or move into a re-collect status. This occurs due to the subsequent ISIR process in StudentForms.  StudentForms checks subsequent ISIRS for additional student actionable comment codes or verification requirements that require student action and checks for unexpected changes that require school user review.

The school should review all students who appear in the file review workflow or subsequent ISIR workflow prior to going live with students. This allows the school to determine if additional documentation is needed from the student.  If additional documentation is needed, the school may request the additional documentation through the request information button on the File Review tab. If no additional action is needed, the school should ensure that any ISIR fields identified with ISIR corrections are set to ignored and complete the review. This will allow the file to move to a verified status.

Please note: California DREAM ISIRs are not supported with the midyear onboarding process. 

Midyear Onboarded Students

Students who have been marked as verified during the midyear onboarding process appear in the file review workflow - Reviews completed list as verified with blank date ready column and status date matching the date midyear onboarding was completed.