The school administrator must have EDConnect installed on their computer and have their login information for EDConnect.  The school administrator may find the user guide for EDConnect here.  The EDConnect application may be downloaded at the FSA Download site.

The school administrator logs into EDConnect.

Navigate to the transmission queue by selecting File →New→Transmission Queue or by selecting the Transmission Queue icon .

To add your correction file to the transmission queue, select the first blank line in the transmission queue.

Complete each field in the line:

  • Description
  • Message Class - 2017-2018 Corrections - CORR18IN, 2018-2019 Corrections - CORR19IN
  • File Name --Correction file downloaded from StudentForms

NOTE: Entering the Message Class first populates the other fields.

Additional information may be found in the EDConnect User Guide Section 5.1.5

Transmission of Corrections

The school administrator selets Transmission from the main menu bar.

The school administrator can select to send their transmission now (sends immediately) or later (specified time and date).

More information may be found in the EDConnect User Guide Section 5.1.4

Please note: If you receive a message about the file path not being valid, return code 0007 that appears in the error logs in EDConnect , you may need to either add the file path for your CLConnect Corrections Folder to your EDConnect or you may need to save a copy of the correction files into the network drive for your EDConnect files default is C:\IAM\DATA .

Please see section 2.2 in the EDConnect Installation guide page 9, step 10 on page 21, step 9 on page 26 and section 9.1.2 on page 133 for more information on file paths. 

ISIR Corrections - EDConnect Error Message

When transmitting correction files through EDconnect and an error message is received. This may indicate that either the file path was not set up correctly or the file name is incorrect.

The school should check that the file name matches the naming convention CORRXXIN (xx is the trailing award year, 17-18 would be 18, 18-19 would be 19).

The school should also check that the file path was set up correctly in EDconnect. The file paths are found in the Directories tab of the User Properties box. If no paths are specified the default is the file name field in the message class table.

For additional instructions on setting up EDconnect please see page 21-22 of the EDconnect user guide.

EDconnect User Guide 8.X