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File Review Workflow - View Completed Reviews


The File Review tile on the Workflow page allows reviewers to retrieve verification files submitted by the student via self-service. The Get Next option will pull the next file to review based on a first in/first out methodology so that the oldest file is being worked. This ensures that files do not age and efficiently allocates work across a team of reviewers. When a file is retrieved by a user using Get Next, the file will be checked out to that user for approximately 20 minutes to avoid reviewer collisions. 

Users can also choose to use filters to pull files based on different criteria than the Get Next automation. 

Get Next Option

  • Simply click Get Next button to retrieve next file (oldest file) to be reviewed.
  • Use the Award Year filter drop down to filter the get next by an award year. If this filter is applied the Get Next will pull the "oldest" file for the filtered award year. 

Advanced Filter Option

  • On the File Review tile click the View All button to open a list of files waiting to be reviewed. 

  • Click on Show Advanced Filter link to see all possible filters for submitted verification files. 
  • Select from one of the following filters as a appropriate:
    • Transaction Status - Ready for Review or Review Completed. 
    • Award Year - Select from available award years if not already selected on the main workflow page
    • V Group Uncheck All V Group/Actionable codes to filter by a specific V group(s) and/or Comment Codes

Users can filter by a specific V group value, None (Not selected for verification) or specific groups. The small "x" next to the value will remove it form the filter. The same filtering can be done form comment codes - Any means at least one comment code other than verification, None means no comments codes besides verification and Specify allows the user to identify specific codes from a list with short descriptions. 

  • Select student last name and/or first name to filter for a specific student
  • Select Yes for Pended to filter only records that have been pended
  • Select a Date Ready range to pull files submitted within a specific time frame

  • Click Search to apply filters. 

  • Click the Export icon to export the list of student files resulting from the filters or click on an individual record to open the file for review.

Note: Selected filters will remain each time you return to the workflow page until you log out or time out. 

File Review Workflow - View Completed Reviews

A school user may see the students who are in a verified or processing corrections status on the Reviews Completed page of the file review workflow.

The school user selects view all on the file review workflow.


On the file review workflow screen, select review completed.

Advanced Filtering may be used prior to exporting the file.

Once on the review completed workflow page, select export.

This will download a .CSV file to your computer. The school user can then apply filters or sort the columns of the file.

Once filters have been applied, the school user can select the drop down box in any column to apply a filter or sort to the individual column.

The file may be saved as an excel file to keep any formatting applied to the report.