The Document Review workflow queue allow provide a workflow for institutions who wish to perform a front line review of submitted documents prior to a complete file review. The queue available on the Workflow page allows users to click Get Next and open the oldest document pending review so that submitted documents have reduced aging and review queues are managed efficiently. Users can also use advance filters to review documents by additional criteria. Once all documents for a student verification transaction have been reviewed the file review process can then be under taken.  Please note that document review can also be completed on a file basis by using the File Review queue instead. 

Get Next Option

  • Click Get Next Document to retrieve the oldest submitted verification document for review. 
  • If a specific Award Year filter is selected for the page the Get Next Document will return the oldest submitted document within that aid year. 

Advanced Filter Option

  • Click View All to retrieve a list of all verification documents awaiting review. 

  • Documents returned will be filtered by the award year if filter was applied on the main workflow page.
  • Filter documents by any of the following filters by click Show Advanced Filters link.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Student ID - Student Information System ID if available
  • Submitted Date Range
  • Document Type (Select a document type from the list)
  • Select "Yes" for Pending if you wish to retrieve documents that have a pending status indicating a hold on the document for further review.
  • Click Search

  • Click the Export button to export the filtered results from the grid as a csv or click on a document to review. 

Note: Filters will be applied each time you return to the workflow page until you log out or time out.