The tax documentation that the student and/or parent is required to upload is based on the options chosen in the Verification form taxes section.  The attached tables show the options available for dependent students, parents and independent students and the corresponding document uploads.

Additional tax documents may be required based on the IRS DRT Codes and IRS Data Field Flags on the ISIR.

  • IRS DRT 07 for either student or parent adds a separate amended taxes task for Student (dependent), Parents' (dependent) or Student and Spouse (independent). 
  • IRS DRT 03 and only the Data Field Flags for IRA Distributions and/or Untaxed Pensions (for 2020-2021 these are combined into Untaxed Portions of IRA Distributions and Pensions) have a value of 02, an additional task to request confirmation of rollover amount is populated for the student and/or parents.
  • IRS DRT 06 if the student is not selected for verification a task for student or parent tax information web form is populated. If the student is selected for verification, the appropriate taxes section appears in the verification form. The options in the tax information web form, mirror the options in the verification form.

Beginning with 2018-2019 for a dependent student who has an ISIR with an auto-zero EFC the student taxes section does not appear in the verification form. Please see What are the verification requirements in StudentForms? for the federal registers and DCLs with the current award years verification requirements.

Please note: If a student/spouse/parent has filed a foreign tax return, they may upload the foreign tax return into the IRS Tax Transcript upload step. This will allow the school to provide the appropriate values from the foreign tax return into the corresponding ISIR fields required for verification.  The school may also choose to waive the IRS Tax Transcript request and add the request for Student(spouse) or Parent(s) Foreign Tax Return upload through request information. The school would need to manually key any corrections for foreign tax returns in full file review. 

Please see below from the current FSA Handbook on how to treat foreign tax returns.

AVG Chapter 2 PG 15

AVG Chapter 2 PG 14

AVG Chapter 4 PG 86

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