StudentForms uses the SSN Match Flag on the student's ISIR to determine if a student is able to create an account in StudentForms. This match is also used as part of our e-signature validation and verification process in StudentForms. The student must have an SSN Match Flag value of 4, indicating a successful match with SSA, before they are allowed to create an account or electronically sign documents in StudentForms. The student must also not have any c codes or reject codes indicating that the Social Security Administration was not able to match their name, date of birth or social security number. The student must resolve the issue and get a successful match with the Social Security Administration prior to the student being able to create an account in StudentForms.

Students who do not have an SSN Match Flag value of 4 or have one of the c codes or rejects listed below appear in the invalid ISIRs column of the ISIR import screen.

Below are the c codes and reject codes that may appear on a student's ISIR and prevent the student from creating an account in StudentForms. 

Below is a screenshot of the student's ISIR where the SSN Match Flag is located on the bottom of the second page.

If the school chooses to only collect the documentation of the student's name, date of birth, and social security number to be able to process the student without getting a successful SSN Match of 4, the school would need to complete the student's record outside of StudentForms for all verification, c code resolution, reject codes, appeals and other documents