The following process allows and institution to expire all open transactions for an award year for a specific transaction type (Verification , Professional Judgment or SAP Appeal). The process when run sets all of the transactions as expired. Students no longer see the expired transaction and reminder notifications are no longer sent. This process can be used at the end of an award year to "close it out" or can be used multiple times during a year after a deadline for specific transactions. For example an institution may wish to expire outstanding SAP Appeal tasks after the appeal deadline has passed. If all tasks for a specific transaction category and award year are expired the entire tab on the student self-service portal is hidden from the student. 

Please Note: If your institution has enabled the expiration notification communication (Admin>School Settings>Communication), this process also sends a notification to every student for each transaction type where a task is expired by the process. If your institution does not want this communication to go out, you should disable the communication temporarily and then run the process steps below. After expiration processing is complete, the communication can be re-enabled. 

Please Note: Expiring a transaction only applies to transactions that are not in a completed status. In StudentForms a completed transaction status is a transaction in either Verified or Processing Corrections.

Users with an admin role can complete the process by navigating to Admin>Expire Transactions.

  • Click on Expire by Award Year button to initiate the process.

  • Select a Transaction Category (e.g. Verification, SAP Appeal etc).
  • Select an Award Year.
  • Click Expire button.

The process runs in the background and you can return to the screen later to confirm completion. The time for the process to complete may take several minutes based on the number of tasks that require expiration.

When completed the process displays the number of successful and failed transactions that occurred. Each number allows for detailing the students including the reason why they failed if applicable.