The Appeal report found under Reports>Data Extracts allows for pulling a list of appeal transactions by category (EFC, Dependency Status or SAP). Users can filter for a specific type of appeal, the status of the appeal, award year and tracking group.

  • Click on the Appeals tile 

Provide the following information:

  • Transaction Category
    • All (includes all appeal transaction types)
    • SAP Appeal (Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Transactions)
    • Dependency Appeal (PJ Dependency Override Transactions)
    • Family Contribution Appeal (PJ EFC Adjustment Transactions)
    • Custom Appeal (if your school has custom appeal types they will be listed by name)
  • Transaction Outcome
    • All (All outcomes will be included on report)
    • Approved
    • Denied
    • Rescinded
  • Award Year
    • All
    • Specified Award Year
  • Tracking Group (if known, you would type in the tracking group) optional
  • Date Range
  • Clicking Submit sends the request to a queue for processing.
  • Clicking Cancel, returns the user to the reports screen without requesting report.

The report will be generated and a link to the result will be sent to the email on your account. 

The email should not be forwarded or shared with other users. The link provided is user-specific and will not work for other users.