The award year dates functionality allows an institution to manage processing start date, end date, visibility by user type for each award year and transaction types. The transaction types that will always be available for each Award Year are:

  • Verification

  • SAP Appeal

  • Other Documents

  • Family Contribution Appeal

  • Emergency Fund Application

  • Dependency Appeal

  • Cost of Attendance Appeal

  • Custom Appeals

    • Note: The custom appeal transaction may need to be made visible for new award years. Please contact your CSM if a custom appeal is not showing in the Award Year Dates screen.

Users with the Admin Role can access this by navigating to Admin>School Settings.

Click on the Award Year Dates tile to access the award year date settings.

Award Year Dates

Institutions may use these dates to "open" and/or "close" an award year for background processes (e.g. ISIR corrections, Task triggers), student experience, or  staff experience. The default start dates assume the first day the FAFSA is available for the award year October 1st:

  • 10/01/2018 for 19-20

  • 10/01/2019 for 20-21

  • 10/01/2020 for 21-22

The default end dates assume September 30th following the FAFSA filing deadline of June 30th:

  • 09/30/2020 for 19-20

  • 9/30/2021 for 20-21

  • 09/30/2022 for 21-22

The school may update to the actual date once published in the federal register. Institutions may change the dates within that default window but cannot extend the window to be earlier than the default Start Date or later than the default End Dates.

  • Select the Award Year to be configured from the Award Year drop down
  • Four dates may be managed for each transaction type
  • Start Date: Manages the beginning of the year for processing and impacts:
    • Creation of tasks from an ISIR
    • Ability to request category manually
    • Ability to generate ISIR corrections
    • ISIR visibility within StudentForms
  • Operational End: Ends processing for the aid year and impacts:
    • Creation of tasks from an ISIR
    • Ability to request transaction category manually
    • Ability to generate ISIR corrections 
  • School Visibility End: Hides award year for staff users and impacts:
    • Workflow Page
    • Data Exports
    • Advanced Search
    • Integration Event Notification Log Screen (School Settings>Integration) 
  • Student Visibility End: Hides award year from students and impacts: 
    • Hides the tab in Student Self-Service for the transaction/award year 
    • After this date student does not see the tab for the transaction/award year regardless of the transaction status 
    • This date may be used to reduce the number of transactions displayed to the student over time
    • Note: Transactions are still visible in the student Requests +- button, this visibility is controlled by the operational date not the student visibility date. 

Once award year dates have been updated, click the Save button.

Note About Managing Open Transactions for Award Years

Even when the operational end dates and display dates have passed, transactions that are still in your workflow queue continue to be available. To remove them from the workflow tool, you need to expire the transactions. Please see the knowledge base article here.