Happy New Year! Our first release in 2016 includes our 2016 - 2017 Award Year updates. As of this release the system is updated with new ISIR layouts so 16-17 ISIRs can now be uploaded. Also there are some functionality changes to meet new regulatory requirements outlined below. While we have spent the time and effort to insure that the system is ready for 16-17 there are some things we recommend you do to prepare for the upcoming year. We have created a printable checklist to guide you through the process: Checklist Download.

New Award Year Updates

  • [SV-1002] - Update ISIR File Layout for 16-17
Changes to the ISIR layout for 16-17 are now in place so ISIRs can now be imported. 
  • [SV-994] - Deprecated V3 Group
Per recent changes by the Department V3 as a verification group has been suspended. The option has been removed from the manual verification requests for 16-17.
  • [SV-995] - Update Award Year References in Web forms for 2016-17
Content updates for web forms for the new year. 
  • [SV-997] - Allow Subsequent ISIR Process to Change V Group
Students whose verification group changes to V5 on subsequent ISIRs will now have task list updated. Please see the related FAQ Article.
  • [SV-999] -   V Group Change Reporting
A new report has been added to the extracts area under the reporting page for tracking students whose group changes to V5 due to a subsequent ISIR. For details on the report please see the article V Group Change Report .
  • [SV-1001] - Make High School Completion Documents Lifetime by Default
The document type for high school completion will now be automatically considered a lifetime document by the system. Life time documents do not have to be reviewed each year and will not be included in document review. The change is effective for documents submitted after this switch had been turned on so documents submitted previously will still require a subsequent review. Institutions can choose to disable this feature under School Settings>Documents. For more information please see the setup article for  Documents.
  • [SV-1243] - Update Short Comment Code Descriptions
Descriptions have been updated for the new award year to be consistent with 2016-17 ISIR Guide.
  • [SV-1133] - Manage Award Year Dates by Transaction Type
A new setup area has been added allowing an Institution to manage the visibility and processing of transactions for an award year. Effectively allow for the "opening" and "closing" of award years. A new setup document titled Award Year Configuration is available in the knowledge base with more details.   


  • [SV-1000] - Added Documentation Expiration for Government Issued ID's to File Review
Document expiration is now a field view-able in the side panel of the document review window. 
  • [SV-1235] - Accounts created report
A new report has been added to the exports area of reports allowing for reporting of account creation activity by user type for a given period of time. Please see the article User Account Creation Export for more information. 
  • [SV-1240] - Provide download capability of imported ISIR files
You can now click on the file name in ISIR imports and retrieve an export of the upload files for troubleshooting purposes. 
  • [SV-1230] - Outstanding Tasks Report
A new report has been added to export information for open tasks by transaction type and award year. Please see the article Outstanding Student Tasks Export for more details. 


  • [SV-1168] - Dependent V3 and V4 Child Support Paid Text Incorrect
  • [SV-1224] - Event notifications page error when saving
  • [SV-1230] - Outstanding documents report is not working in Production
  • [SV-1238] - Incorrect Results In File Review Advanced Filtering
  • [SV-1256] - WebForm Signature Upload Add/Delete
  • [SV-1273] - Student cannot add HH members
  • [SV-1282] - Resource Undefined for Active Duty Documentation