The User Accounts Created Export provides a data export of users who created an account for a selected time frame. The report can be run for a specific user type (Student, Employee, Parent) or by all users. The export generates a csv export of information that can be used to monitor usage and plan for additional follow-up. i.e. For students who have been notified of being selected for verification or required c code/reject code resolution but have not started the process by creating an account in StudentForms. Users with appropriate permissions can access the export under Reports>User Account Creation.

  • Click on the User Account Creation tile.

  • Select the Account Type (Student, Employee, Parent or All)
  • Enter a Date Range for the account creation.
  • The user may check to Include Full SSN.
    • Please ensure you follow your school policies for including SSNs on reports.
  • Click the Submit button.

The request is sent to a queue and the results will be emailed once it is done processing.

Please Note: The email contains a user specific link to the report. The email should not be forwarded or shared with other users, the link will not work for other users. The link expires after 14 days.

If an email is not received, the user should check their junk, clutter, spam folder.

The resulting file looks like this depending on the options selected: