The Outstanding Task Export allows a user to export a report of tasks that have not been completed and may require additional follow up outside of the system's automatic reminders.The data also allows an institution to identify tasks that are particularly at risk of not being completed by your student demographic. 

The extract can be filtered by transaction type (Verification, PJ, SAP, Other Document), status of transaction (Collecting Documents or Recollecting Documents), Award Year and/or Specific Document Type. Users with appropriate permissions can access the report under Reporting>Outstanding Tasks.

  • Select Outstanding Student Tasks tile

  • Select from the following filters as appropriate:
    • Transaction Type - Verification, SAP, PJ EFC, PJ Dependency Override, Other Documents)
    • Transaction Status - Collecting Documents (First Time Collecting) or Re-collecting (a task has been re-opened)
    • Award Year
    • Task Name - Use this filter to search for a specific document type. Begin typing the task name and list of types will appear. 
  • Click the OK button to run the extract. 

The report is generated on the background and then a link with the results is emailed to the address on your user account. 

  • The resulting file looks like this: