The Verification Group Change Extract allows institutions to identify students who were originally selected for verification in one V group and then changed by a subsequent ISIR to V5.

  • Select Verification Group Change tile

  • Select from the following filters as appropriate:
    • Award Year
    • Date Range of the Change
    • Change Type - V1 to V5, V4 to V5 and/or V6 to V5
  • Click Export

Depending on your browser and browser settings the csv file will be downloaded to a download folder or you can select a download location on your computer. Depending on your filters the download can take from several seconds to several minutes. 

  • Navigate to the file on your computer and open in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program. The resulting file includes:
    • Student First Name and Last Name
    • Student Id
    • Student Email Address
    • Previous Group¬†
    • Current Group
    • Date of Change