The Verification Group Change Extract allows institutions to identify students who were originally selected for verification in one V group and then changed by a subsequent ISIR to V5.

  • Select Verification Group Change tile

  • In the Data Export Options screen, the following are required before requesting the report:
    • Select Award Year
    • Enter Date Range of the Change
    • Change Type - V1 to V5,  and/or V4 to V5 
      • Please note: In the Changes box the following options are default:
        • V1 to V5, V4 to V5 and V6 to V5 (due to V6 no longer being a V Group after the 2016-2017 award year, the school may remove the V6 to V5 change type  by selecting the x prior to requesting the report)
  • Click Submit to request the report
  • Clicking Cancel, returns the user to the Reports screen in StudentForms and does not request the report.

After clicking Submit, the request is sent for processing and the user will receive an email once the request has processed. Once the user receives the email, they would click on the link within the email to open the report. 

Please note: The links contained within the email are user-specific. If the user forwards the email to another user, the link will not work.  The links also expire after 14 days.

  • Once the user clicks on the link within the email, the data export should open in excel on the users computer.  Depending on the user's computer settings, it may download the report and require the user to open in excel.
    • Student First Name and Last Name
    • Student Id
    • Student Email Address
    • Previous Group 
    • Current Group
    • Date of Change