For schools who have SSO for their students (student accesses StudentForms through the school portal and uses portal username and password), the student must create a pin to e-sign their documents.

The Create my E-Sign PIN link is at the bottom of the review and sign screen on the student's web form that they are completing in StudentForms. The first time that a student e-signs a web form, they must create an e-sign pin to sign electronically. The student always has the option to opt out of e-sign, print, sign and upload the form.

The student must provide the following required information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Social Security Number
Please note: Information must match information exactly as it appears on the student's FAFSA/ISIR, the same as when a student is registering their account.

The student creates a 5 digit number for a pin and confirms the 5 digit number. The student then selects create.

Once a pin has been created, the student is redirected to the review and sign screen. The student is able to enter their 5 digit pin to e-sign their document. The create e-sign pin link changes to a Forgot your E-Sign PIN? link once the pin has been created.

Please note: The student will always have the option to opt out of e-sign.

For information about how the student resets their e-sign pin please see Student - Reset E-Sign PIN